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We believe that design, quality and effective processes are strong contributors to minimize the exploitation of our environment.

It starts in the design.

We create timeless designs in a slow fashion manner. We limit waste with our minimalistic designs that specify long-lasting materials and selective use of trims.

Natural sources.

We look for sources that are renewable and that are grown without harmful fertilizers and less water consumption.
For our initial collection we are using 100% Organic Cotton from controlled certified sources (kbA), grown and treated with sustainable methods.


Thanks to our expert network and our partners, we can actualise the ideal fabric composition and construction to meet the needs of all our styles. We use environmental friendly finishing from a world leader in biological finishing. With this we achieve lean surfaces, vivid colors, a smooth hand feel and most important this long-lasting technology maintains these characteristics for an extended period.


We work with Oeko-tex certified manufacturers in Portugal, so we can be sure about human-ecological safety. We regularly visit our production partners to stabilize a collaborative relationship and continuously improve our supply chain.


Our ecommerce packaging is either recycled or from other certified sustainable sources as well as 100% recyclable. The bags that we use to protect our products are made from compostable materials.

Supply chain.

Made in Europe – We produce our yarns, fabrics and garments in Portugal to be close to our markets and minimize our ecological footprint. Also our trims and packaging are from regional sources. We further work with the Swiss Post and “pro-clima”, ┬áto facilitate carbon neutral shipping.

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